14.04.020: APPLICATION:
   A.   The application for such building permit shall be accompanied by a fee as established from time to time by resolution of the Board of County Commissioners, and shall contain the following information:
      1.   A statement in writing indicating the exact location of the structure to be erected or remodeled, together with a statement as to the general nature or purpose of the proposed construction;
      2.   The name of the owner or owners of the proposed structure, or the name of the person, firm, association or corporation for whom the proposed construction is being undertaken;
      3.   An estimated permit value at the time of application. Permit valuations shall include total value of work, including materials and labor, for which the permit is being issued, such as electrical, gas, mechanical, plumbing equipment and permanent systems. The applicant must substantiate the permit value by showing detailed estimates of the work in the form of an engineer's estimate of the total permit value or submission of the contract documents. These submissions must be supplied with sufficient enough detail for the building official to determine that the entire project is included in the estimate. If the applicant is unable or unwilling to provide either an engineer's estimate of the total permit value or actual contract documents, then the project valuation represented to the State of Nevada in any tax abatement request shall prevail for the purpose of calculating permit value. Upon good cause shown, and upon the applicant providing sufficient permit value by other reliable means, the requirement of an engineer's estimate may be waived by the building official. In all cases, the final permit valuation will be set by the building official;
      4.   A detailed statement as to the location, size and type of all water and sanitation facilities planned to be installed or maintained in connection with the proposed structure;
      5.   A description of the source of water to be used to furnish water to the facility or facilities described in its application;
      6.   Evidence to demonstrate the property has legal and physical access;
      7.   Evidence of application for an encroachment permit, if applicable, from County Road Department.
   B.   1. a. Before issuance of a building permit or placement permit for a new, primary, permanent structure that will be served by a private domestic or commercial well the applicant shall dedicate the required amount of surface water rights as specified below, or shall provide proof that the required amount of water rights for the subject property has previously been dedicated.
Single-family residential
Multi-family residential
2.0 (at a minimum 2.0 per 2 units)
Commercial and industrial
2.0 (at a minimum). If usage exceeds 2.0 AF, additional water rights, the amount determined per fixture unit as defined in the currently adopted Building Code, shall be dedicated
         b.   Upon demonstration that there are no surface water rights appurtenant to the parcel at the time that the property owner or building contractor applies for a building permit a cash in lieu payment will be accepted.
A cash in lieu payment is an amount of cash equal to one and one-half (11/2) times the fair market value of water rights required for dedication in lieu of the requirements.
Fair market value shall be determined from time to time, based upon a market analysis conducted by the County and will be established by resolution of the Board of County Commissioners.
         c.   Dedication of water rights is not required for the following:
            (1)   The replacement of an existing single-family residence. An "existing single-family residence" is defined as one that was lived in after November 2005 and has a functioning domestic well. If a new well must be drilled, the dedication of water rights is required.
            (2)   An accessory dwelling unit served by the same well as the primary residence.
            (3)   Any proposed structure that is served by an existing community water system.
            (4)   The placement of a new single-family residence either on a lot created as part of a cluster development, where the Board of County Commissioners has deemed that water right dedication is not required. The Building Department shall obtain a record of the decision of the Board of County Commissioners from the Planning Department and shall attach said record to the building permit.
            (5)   On property where a conservation easement deed has been recorded restricting the transfer of water from the property.
Exceptions: The provisions of this section do not apply to building and development within hydrographic basins 128 (Dixie Valley), 73 and 74 (Humboldt Sink region), 75 (Hot Springs Flat area), 76 (Fernley area), 77 (North Valley), 78 (Granite Springs Valley), 123 (Rawhide Flats), 124 (Fairview Valley), 125 (Stingaree Valley), 126 (Cowkick Valley), 127 (Eastgate Valley area), 133 (Edwards Creek Valley), and 134 (Smith Creek Valley).
      2.   Before issuance of a building permit or placement permit for any structure connecting to County water and sewer the applicant shall meet the requirements of dedication outlined in title 13, chapter 13.02 of this Code and comply with policies adopted by the County. (Bill 2018-E, 2019)