A.   Money for the payment of the cost of one or more projects for which the board of county commissioners has imposed all or a portion of the tax authorized pursuant to this chapter may be obtained by the issuance of bonds and other securities as provided in this section, or, subject to any pledges, liens and other contractual limitations made pursuant to this chapter, may be obtained by direct distribution from the infrastructure fund, or may be obtained both by the issuance of such securities and by such direct distribution as determined by the board of county commissioners.
   B.   The board of county commissioners may, after the enactment of an ordinance imposing a tax for infrastructure as authorized by Nevada Revised Statutes 377B.100, from time to time issue bonds and other securities, which are general or special obligations of the county and which may be secured as to principal and interest by a pledge authorized by this chapter of the receipts from the taxes imposed by this chapter. The ordinance authorizing the issuance of any bond or other security must describe the purpose for which it was issued. (Bill 2014-A, 2014)