13.06.010: Definitions
13.06.020: Solid Waste Defined
13.06.030: Wastewater Facilities Defined
13.06.040: Water Facilities Defined
13.06.050: County Ordinance Imposing Tax
13.06.060: Mandatory Provisions Of Ordinance Imposing Tax
13.06.070: Mandatory Provision Of Ordinance Amending Ordinance Imposing Tax
13.06.080: Remittances To Department; Deposit In Sales And Use Tax Account; Distribution To Counties
13.06.090: Redistribution By Department
13.06.100: Infrastructure Fund; Deposit Of Net Tax Proceeds
13.06.110: Infrastructure Fund; Expenditure Of Principal, Interest And Income
13.06.120: Money For Payment Of Cost Of Project
13.06.130: Covenant Or Other Provision To Pledge And Create Lien Upon Tax Proceeds, Revenue Generated By Project Or Proceeds Of Certain Securities
13.06.140: Department Required To Disregard Tax In Determining Amount Of Security Required For Payment Of Other Sales And Use Taxes Under Certain Circumstances