Article I. General Provisions
13.05.010: Short Title
13.05.020: Enabling Statutes
13.05.030: Enterprise
13.05.040: Severability
13.05.050: Relief On Application
13.05.060: Relief On Own Motion
13.05.070: Review By Board
13.05.080: Words And Phrases
13.05.090: Billing Authority
13.05.100: Clean Water Act
Article II. Definitions
13.05.110: Terms Defined
Article III. Conditions Of Service
13.05.120: Area Served
13.05.130: Mandatory Connections
13.05.140: Septic Tank Use
13.05.150: Penalty For Violation
13.05.160: Ruling Final
13.05.170: Notices To Customers
13.05.180: Notices From Customers
13.05.190: Adjustment Of Complaints
13.05.200: Customer's Premises
13.05.210: Special Conditions
13.05.220: Effective Date
13.05.230: Continuity
Article IV. Flow Rates
13.05.240: Revenue
13.05.250: Year End Balances
13.05.260: User Charge Rate
13.05.270: Commercial And Industrial Rates
13.05.280: Amendments To Sewer Use Ordinance
13.05.290: Precedence
Article V. Schedule Of Rates And Charges
13.05.300: User Charges
13.05.310: All County Service Areas
13.05.320: Reserved
13.05.330: User Charge System Based On Actual Use
13.05.340: Treatment And Interceptor Cost Adjustment
13.05.350: Standby Fee
13.05.360: Rate Adjustments
Article VI. Other Charges, Fees And Deposits
13.05.370: Connection Charges
13.05.380: Work To Be Inspected
13.05.390: Wastewater Inspection Certificate And Monitoring Fees
13.05.400: Inspection And Plan Check Fee
13.05.410: Structure Under Construction
13.05.420: Review Of Sewer User Charges
13.05.430: Charge For Operation And Maintenance Costs For Extraneous Flows
13.05.440: Public Agencies Exempt From Deposit Requirements
13.05.450: Delinquent Accounts
13.05.460: Damage To County Property
13.05.470: Charges For Account Transfer And Special Reading
Article VII. Time And Manner Of Payment
13.05.480: Issuance Of Bills
13.05.490: Bills Due When Presented
13.05.500: Delinquent Accounts; Processing Fee
13.05.510: Discontinuance Of Service
13.05.520: Represents Lien On Property
13.05.530: Collection By Suit
13.05.540: Proration Of Service Charges
13.05.550: Failure To Receive A Bill
13.05.560: Checks Not Honored By Bank
13.05.570: Responsible Party
13.05.580: Disputed Bills
13.05.590: Failure To Make Deposit
13.05.600: Arbitration Of Dispute
13.05.610: Reserved
13.05.620: Failure To Make Payment For Fines And Charges For Citation Notice
13.05.630: Disregard Of Wastewater Discharge Warnings
Article VIII. Application For Service
13.05.640: Generally
13.05.650: Existing Service Connection
13.05.660: New Service
13.05.670: Correct Information
13.05.680: Rejection Of Application
13.05.690: Service Outside Service Area
13.05.700: Design, Construction Of New Connections, Inflow Sources
13.05.710: Prohibition Against Altering Connections
13.05.720: Prohibition Of Connection Of Inflow Sources
Article IX. Termination Of Service
13.05.730: Customer's Request For Termination Of Service
13.05.740: Termination Of Service By County
13.05.750: Restoration Of Service
13.05.760: Refusal To Serve
Article X. Regulation Of Wastewater Discharge
13.05.770: Purpose And Policy
13.05.780: Administration
13.05.790: Dischargers Subject To These Regulations
Article XI. Wastewater Regulations
13.05.800: Discharges Prohibited From Sanitary Sewers
13.05.810: Administration; Determination Of Prohibited Discharge
13.05.820: Prohibition On Unpolluted Water
13.05.830: Exclusions From Storm Sewers And Drains
13.05.840: Exclusions From Sanitary Sewers
13.05.850: Septic Tank Waste
13.05.860: Limitations On Use Of Garbage Grinders, Wash Racks; Required Use Of Grease Traps And Interceptors
13.05.870: Limitations On Point Of Discharge
13.05.880: Limitations On Wastewater Strength
13.05.890: Revision Of Wastewater Regulations
13.05.900: Accidental Spill/Discharge
13.05.910: Excessive Discharge
13.05.920: Cooling Water
13.05.930: Industrial/Commercial Process Water
13.05.940: Identification Of Process Chemicals
Article XII. Wastewater Inspection Certificates
13.05.950: Certificate For Industrial/Commercial Dischargers
13.05.960: Certificate Application
13.05.970: Terms And Conditions
13.05.980: Trade Secrets
13.05.990: Monitoring Facilities, Reports And Access By Industrial Waste Inspector
13.05.1000: Inspection
13.05.1010: Pretreatment Of Sewage
13.05.1020: Monitoring Equipment Construction And Report Requirements
Article XIII. Enforcement
13.05.1030: Enforcement Authority
13.05.1040: Violation Notice
13.05.1050: Cease And Desist Order
13.05.1060: Enforcement Procedures
13.05.1070: Appeals
13.05.1080: Damage To Facilities
13.05.1090: Indemnity
13.05.1100: Termination Of Service
13.05.1110: Falsifying Of Information
13.05.1120: Penalty
Article XIV. Service Areas
13.05.1130: Intention
13.05.1140: Service Areas Declared