A.   It is unlawful in the County to place, deposit, or dump, or cause to be placed, deposited, or dumped, any garbage, swill, cans, bottles, papers, refuse, ashes, carcass of any dead animal, offal, trash, or rubbish, or any noisome, nauseous, or offensive matter, or asphalt, road material, concrete, or building material, or grass clippings, dead trees, branches or shrubs not being used for compost, mulch or landscaping, in or upon any public or private highway or road, or upon any public or privately owned land including any portion of the right-of-way thereof, or in any drain or irrigation ditch, or in any public park or other public property other than property designated or set aside for such purpose by the Governing Board having charge thereof. Exception:
      1.   Use of asphalt, road material or concrete as fill will be permitted under the following guidelines:
         a.   All fill material must be used for construction purposes within one year of placement.
         b.   Any company or person using fill material adjacent to any river, wetland, drain or irrigation ditch must first contact the appropriate agency to ensure they are in compliance with the laws and regulations pertaining to the use of fill material.
      2.   The dumping of grass clippings, dead trees, branches and shrubs and other similar landscaping material is permitted when the person placing the items owns the property or has a legal interest in it unless prohibited by this section. Persons or businesses, who are engaged in commercial landscaping operations, are prohibited from dumping landscaping materials as described in this section on property unless the property is properly zoned for such use or authorized by a County permit.
   B.   Any person, firm, or corporation violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. (Bill 2018-E, 2019)