Article I. General Provisions
5.20.010: Applicability; Definitions
5.20.020: Confidentiality Of Records
5.20.030: Prostitution Not An Offense Or Nuisance If Licensed
5.20.040: Prostitution Unlawful Unless Licensed
5.20.050: Compliance Inspections For Brothels; Implied Consent
5.20.060: Violation; Criminal Penalty
Article II. Licensing Of Operations
5.20.070: Licensing A Privilege; Limitation On Number Of Licenses
5.20.080: Licensing And Control Board
5.20.090: License Application; Contents
5.20.100: License Application; Filing And Investigation
5.20.110: Board May Impose Restrictions; Sheriff To Issue Regulations
5.20.120: License Issuance; Renewal
5.20.130: License; Nontransferable, Site Specific
5.20.140: License Revocation; Grounds
5.20.150: License Revocation Procedure; Hearing; Notice
5.20.160: Exception To Hearing Procedure (Emergency Suspension Of License)
5.20.170: License; Quarterly Fees
Article III. Employees
5.20.180: Reserved
5.20.190: Male Employees Prohibited; Exception
5.20.200: Work Permit Registration Required
5.20.210: Violations By Employee; Effect On Registration And Work Card
Article IV. Employees; Medical Requirements
5.20.220: Medical Examination Required Of All Female Employees; Procedures; Reports; Preapproval Of Physicians
Article V. General Prohibitions And Additional Provisions
5.20.230: General Prohibitions
5.20.240: Advertising Restricted
5.20.250: Residing On Premises
5.20.260: Female Persons On Premises; Employees And Independent Contractors Only
5.20.270: Activities Prohibited Outside Business Hours
5.20.280: Duty Of Licensee Or Manager
5.20.290: Multiple Ownership
5.20.300: Recording Of Acts Of Prostitution Prohibited
5.20.310: Use Of Latex Prophylactic Required
Article VI. Land Use Requirements
5.20.320: Location Restrictions
5.20.330: Home Based Business
5.20.340: Special Use Permit
5.20.350: Special Use Permit Procedure
5.20.360: Development And Operation Standards
5.20.370: Severance