1.12.010: Purpose; Conflicts; Definitions Purpose Conflicts Of Ordinances Definitions
1.12.020: Authority Of Enforcement Official Administrative Enforcement Authority Authority To Inspect Service Of Notices
1.12.030: Procedure For Administrative Enforcement Recovery Of Administrative Fees, General Notification Of Assessment Of Administrative Fees Notice Of Violation; Procedures Recording Notices Of Violation; Purpose Procedures For Recording Notices Of Violation Notice Of Compliance Administrative Citations And Fines; Authority Administrative Citations; Procedures Contents Of Administrative Citations Special Procedure For Violations Of Conditions Of Use Permits Or Procedures Relating Thereto
1.12.040: Abatements And Administrative Procedures Purpose Administrative Remedies Authority Notice To Abate; General Procedures Abatement By The County Summary Abatement, General Provisions Summary Abatement; Procedures
1.12.050: Fines And Fees Fines For Administrative Citations Amount Of Administrative Fees
1.12.060: Administrative Hearings And Judicial Review Appointment Of Hearing Officer Qualification And Disqualification Of Hearing Officer Powers Of Hearing Officer Failure To Obey Subpoena Procedures For Requesting An Administrative Hearing Notice Of Administrative Hearing Procedure At Administrative Hearings Standard Of Proof Right To Representation Failure To Attend Administrative Hearing Compliance With Administrative Order Failure To Comply With The Administrative Order; Misdemeanor Appeals Of Administrative Order And Judicial Review Time Limits For Repair, Correction, Or Abatement After Appeal Extension Of Time; Court Order
1.12.070: Collection Of Fines And Fees Collection Of Administrative Fines And Fees Prohibition Against Issuance Of County Permits Procedures For Recording Code Enforcement Lien Notice Of Satisfaction Of Code Enforcement Lien