16.14.020: DEFINITIONS:
COMMUNITY BENEFIT: Recommended by the sending site review committee, planning director, planning commission and approved/determined by the board of county commissioners as a benefit to the community, above and beyond those contributions and items required by the consolidated development code, county ordinances or state statute. Examples are preservation of agricultural lands, historic preservation, wildlife habitat preservation, etc.
CONSERVATION PLAN: A comprehensive land use plan to manage and maintain the long term protection of the sending site property under the easement established from the transfer of the development rights.
DEED RESTRICTIONS: When a development right is sold, a legal restriction is recorded on the sending site giving notice that the development right can no longer be used at that site.
DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS: The difference between the value of the existing use of the parcel (e.g., agricultural) and the value of its potential use (e.g., residential), as permitted by existing law. Thus, development rights indicate the future building potential. Development rights are measured in equivalent residential credits.
EASEMENT, CONSERVATION: A legal agreement between a landowner and an eligible organization that restricts future activities on the parcel, parcels or portion thereof to protect its conservation, agricultural, open space or similar value in perpetuity.
EQUIVALENT RESIDENTIAL CREDIT (ERC): A unit measure, where the residence "represents a permanent building on property" and is designed for single-family, residential use on a specified and designated zone. These are units of measure used to transfer development rights from designated sending sites to designated receiving sites.
NAS FALLON AND ASSOCIATED RANGES NOTIFICATION AREA: Those areas adjoining and surrounding NAS Fallon and its bombing ranges as delineated on a composite map on file at the office of the Churchill County planning department.
RECEIVING SITE: Privately owned property within Churchill County that has been designated in this chapter to accommodate urban development.
SENDING SITE: Privately owned property within Churchill County that has been designated per this chapter to transfer development rights.
TDR CERTIFICATE: A recorded document, issued by Churchill County, listing the number of development rights available from a sending site to be used at a receiving site.
TRANSFER OF DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS (TDR): Refers to a process for protecting land by transferring the "rights to develop" from one area and giving it to another.
WATER RECHARGE AREAS: Areas identified in the water resources plan update or the master plan that provide aquifer recharge for current and future water supplies. (Bill 2007-I, 2007: Bill 2006-F, 2006)