16.14.010: PURPOSE:
   A.   The purpose of the transfer of development rights (TDR) program is to provide a voluntary, incentive based process for permanently preserving rural resources which provide significant community benefit such as agriculture, open spaces, aquifer recharge for current and future water supply (water recharge area), and a military installation buffer area. The intent of this chapter is to reduce development pressures and minimize development on agricultural lands, habitats, water recharge areas, flood zones and NAS Fallon and associated ranges notification areas by providing landowners a mechanism to sustain existing land uses and develop lands more compatible for urbanization. The TDR provisions are intended to supplement land use regulations, resource protection efforts, open space acquisition programs and to encourage increased residential development density inside designated areas, where those provisions can best accommodate little impact on the natural environment and provide for efficient public services.
   B.   The TDR provisions in this chapter shall only apply to "receiving site" development proposals requiring board of county commissioners' approval and "sending site" applications submitted after the enactment hereof. (Bill 2007-I, 2007: Bill 2006-F, 2006)