16.13.010: Short Title
16.13.015: Legislative Findings
16.13.020: Contents Of Final Map And Notice Requirements Where A Maintenance District Has Been Approved
16.13.030: Definitions
16.13.040: Appointment Of Parks And Recreation Director And County Commission Responsibilities
16.13.050: Requests For County Commission To Assume Maintenance Of A Project To Be Made Concurrently At Time Of Submission Of Tentative Map
16.13.060: Procedures For Review Of Petitions And Establishment Of Maintenance Districts In Cases When A Maintenance District Was Not Established As Part Of A Subdivision Or Planned Unit Development Approval
16.13.070: Determination Of Benefit And Cost Allocations Between Assessed Property And County
16.13.080: Allocation Of Costs Among Assessed Properties; Assessment Rolls
16.13.090: Administration Of District
16.13.100: Dissolution Of Maintenance District
16.13.110: Review And Appeals Of Decision Regarding The Dissolution Of A Maintenance District By The Parks And Recreation Director