A.   Revocation of a final subdivision map shall be made in accordance with State law, provided that no building sites have been sold within the development and no improvements required by this title have been made within two (2) years from the date of recordation. Requests for revocation shall be made to the Planning Commission who shall advise the Board of County Commissioners whether or not to hold a public hearing on the matter.
   B.   Revocation of a parcel map shall follow the same provisions as revocation of a final subdivision map.
   C.   Reversions to acreage for final subdivision maps or parcel maps shall be subject to Planning Commission review and of County Commissioners' approval.
   D.   Maps filed for the purpose of showing as acreage lands previously divided into numbered or lettered parcels shall be conspicuously marked under the title "The purpose of this map is to revert to acreage".
   E.   Reversion to acreage of parcels created by deed shall follow the provisions of a boundary line adjustment/record of survey. (Bill 2005-F § 2.2, 2005)
CH701   16-13