This section includes administrative procedures for boundary line adjustments/record of survey.
Each of the aforementioned elements is described generally, followed by specific procedures and application requirements.
   A.   Boundary Line Adjustment:
      1.   Generally: The granting of a boundary line adjustment may be only accomplished between two (2) adjacent landowners in the manner set forth hereinafter.
      2.   Procedure: The adjustment of the boundary line between abutting parcels or the transfer of land between two (2) owners of abutting parcels may be approved by the Planning Department without conditions or further administrative proceedings when:
         a.   The adjustment does not create a nonconforming parcel relative to its respective zoning;
         b.   If the parcels are nonconforming, neither parcel's nonconformance may be increased thereby;
         c.   No new parcels are created;
         d.   The map meets the formal requirements of Nevada Revised Statutes 278.5693;
         e.   The map is not in conflict with the provisions of this title; and
         f.   The map is submitted to the Planning Department with the applicable application and filing fee.
      3.   Exclusions: An adjustment of the boundary line between abutting parcels or the transfer of land between two (2) owners of abutting parcels may be disapproved if it reduces the size of a nonconforming parcel or results in the creation of a nonconforming parcel. In cases where both abutting parcels have been developed, and where the boundary line adjustment will not change the character of the surrounding neighborhood and meets the spirit of the zoning ordinance a variance of area may be granted by the Planning Commission in accordance with this title.
An adjustment of the boundary line between abutting parcels or the transfer of land between two (2) owners of abutting parcels may be disapproved if it does not contain adequate access, utility, water conveyance and drainage easements to serve the resulting parcels.
   B.   Record Of Survey And Recording Maps: After making a survey in conformity with the practices of land surveying, the licensed land surveyor shall, within ninety (90) days (after the establishment of points or lines), file, with the County Recorder in the County in which the survey was made, a map of such survey relating to land boundaries and property lines.
      1.   Requirements:
         a.   "Record of survey" shall be a map legibly drawn in waterproof ink on tracing cloth, or produced by the use of other materials of a permanent nature, generally used for such purposes in the engineering profession; the size is to be twenty four inches by thirty two inches (24" x 32").
         b.   "Record of survey" shall show:
            (1)   All monuments found, set, reset, or replaced, describing their kind, size and location, and giving other data relating thereto;
            (2)   Bearing or witness monuments, basis of bearings, bearing and length of lines, scale of map. The basis-of-bearing of the map shall include: the survey control points used for horizontal control with a description, coordinates for each point, and a statement identifying the basis-of-bearing and the coordinate system utilized. Include coordinates for the basis-of-bearing and any section corners shown on the map. Coordinates are required to be in the NAD 1983 Nevada West State Plane coordinate system;
            (3)   Name and legal description of the tract in which the survey is located and ties to adjoining tracts;
            (4)   Tie to coast and geodetic survey control system, if points of the system are established in the area in which the survey is made;
            (5)   Memorandum of oaths, if any;
            (6)   Signature and seal of surveyor;
            (7)   Dates of survey;
            (8)   Name of the person or persons for whom the survey is made;
            (9)   Any other data necessary for the intelligent interpretation of the various items and locations of the points, lines and areas shown.
         c.   Where a commercial or industrial subdivision is proposed pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes 278.325, a tentative map was approved by the Board of County Commissioners, and a final map was recorded, records of survey creating individual lots shall be filed with the Planning Department for review prior to recording.
      2.   Prohibition And Penalty: It is unlawful for any person to fail to file with the County Recorder a "record of survey" within ninety (90) days after the establishment of points or lines. Any person found to have violated this provision is guilty of a gross misdemeanor. (Bill 2018-E, 2019: Bill 2012-F, 2012: Bill 2006-G, 2006: Bill 2005-F § 2.2, 2005)