The public works director or chief of police may cause cars to be towed away which are parked on the streets in violation of this chapter. Any cars thus towed away may be reclaimed after paying the towing fee and/or storage. If said vehicle is not claimed within forty eight (48) hours of the removal of such vehicle, the superintendent of streets, public works director or chief of police shall cause notice to be given to the owner of the vehicle, to any known lien holder and also to the owner or occupant of the property immediately adjacent to the area from which the vehicle was removed. Said notice shall state that said vehicle has been impounded and stored for violation of this chapter, shall specify the location where the vehicle is stored, and state the costs of the towing fee and/or storage which must be paid prior to reclamation of the vehicle. Notice shall be delivered personally or sent by mail. In the event said vehicle is not claimed by its owner, the vehicle shall be disposed of in accordance with section 8.12.070 of this code, or such other ordinances or statutes as may, from time to time, be passed, for the disposition of unclaimed vehicles. (Ord. 255 §4, 1984)