(A)   Surcharge. The concentration of wastes used for computing surcharges shall be established by waste sampling. Waste sampling shall be performed as often as may be deemed necessary by the city and shall be binding as a basis for surcharges.
   (B)   Computation of wastewater service charge. The wastewater service charge shall be computed by the following formula:
CW = CM + (Vu-X)CU + CS
         CW = Amount of wastewater service charge ($) per billing period.
         CM = Minimum Charge for Operation, Maintenance and Replacement.
         Vu = Wastewater Volume for the billing period.
         X = Allowable consumption in gallons for the minimum charge.
         CU = Basic User Rate for Operation, Maintenance and Replacement.
         CS = Amount of Surcharge.
(Ord. 5, Series 1981-1982, passed 8-24-1981)