The volume of flow used for computing basic user charges and surcharges shall be the metered water consumption read to the lowest even increments of 100 gallons.
   (A)   If the person discharging wastes into the public sewers procures any part, or all, of his or her water from sources other than the public waterworks system, all or a part of which is discharged into the public sewers, the person shall install and maintain, at his or her expense, water meters of a type approved by the city for the purpose of determining the volume of water obtained from these other sources.
   (B)   Devices for measuring the volume of waste discharged may be required by the city if these volumes cannot otherwise be determined from the metered water consumption records.
   (C)   Metering devices for determining the volume of waste shall be installed, owned and maintained by the person. Following approval and installation, such meters may not be removed, unless service is cancelled, without the consent of the city.
(Ord. 5, Series 1981-1982, passed 8-24-1981)