5.08.020   Regulation authority—Removal required when.
   The city council shall have authority to issue permits to corporations,  associations of individuals or persons to erect advertising signs or other similar structures upon vacant lots, or on property with the consent of the owner or owners, when in the judgment of the city council the placing of such advertising signs or other structures shall not be detrimental to property owners in the vicinity of the place where such advertising signs are to be erected, or be obnoxious to the public in general, and the city council shall have the right to require a bond from such corporation, association or person to protect the city from damage, and shall have the right to require the removal of any such advertising sign or other structure at any time it deems it necessary for the peace, health and/or security of the people of Chinook, and may declare any such structure a nuisance if found necessary in the circumstances.
   The city council shall determine in what zones in the city such advertising signs or similar structures may or may not be erected.
(Ord. 193 § 2,  1940) .