17.32.040   Location.
   A.   Residential Districts. Parking spaces accessory to dwellings located in any residential zoning district must be located on the same lot as the dwelling. Such parking spaces may not be located in any front yard except in the driveway, and one adjacent to the driveway and nearest side lot line, and two spaces in the side or rear yards, except this provision does not apply to multifamily dwellings. Each parking space accessory to a multifamily dwelling must be unobstructed so that no vehicle need be moved in order to allow another vehicle to enter or exit from the parking area.
   B.   Business and Industrial Districts.
      1.   Parking and loading spaces accessory to any business, industrial, or institutional use must be located within two hundred fifty feet of the use served, and not on required front yards.
      2.   No parking space accessory to any use located in business or industrial districts may be located in any residential district.
   In any business or industrial district, off-street parking facilities for different buildings or uses may be provided at a single location if the total number of spaces is not less than the sum of the separate requirements for each use, and if all regulations governing location of parking spaces In relation to the use served are observed.
   Further, if parking provided for more than one use at a single location is for uses that have parking demand at different times of the day or different days of the week, the number of spaces may be limited to the number required for the use requiring the greatest number of parking spaces.
(Ord. 441 Art. V § 4, 1992).