15.20.050   Trailer house—Permit to park—Mobile home installation.
   A.   Trailer house owners must obtain from the city council a permit to park or set down on any lot or parcel of ground in the city, except in tourist parks for short periods only, any trailer house to be used as a residence, either temporarily or for long periods of time. Trailer houses can not be parked or set down for temporary or permanent residence on ground in classes A and B districts.
   Where building restrictions apply as provided in Ordinance No. 183*, all owners and occupants of trailer houses must provide themselves with sanitary toilets to comply with the rules of the board of health.
   B.   The provisions of this section do not apply to mobile homes which are to be placed on permanent foundations and which meet the requirements of the building ordinances of the city relative to size, appearance, manner of construction, and sanitary facilities.
   Such permanent foundations include but are not limited to three parallel concrete footings running the length of the mobile home. All wheels and axles shall be removed from the mobile home at the time of placement on the permanent foundation. A building permit must be obtained before the installation of any such mobile home, and before the issuance of such permit, the applicant therefor must show that the home will meet the building requirements of the zone in which it is to be installed, as in the case of other homes.
(Ord. 469 § 1,  1997; Ord.  192 § 5, 1939).
   Editor's note: At the time of codification Ord. 183 was being revised and was not codified. Copies are on file in the office of the city clerk.