15.20.030   Tourist park—-Building requirements—Generally.
   All buildings, cabins and other facilities must be made of good materials and placed on concrete foundations, and must have chimneys to pass city requirements, must be neat in appearance, must be painted and kept in good sanitary condition, and the following minimum specifications for buildings must be fully complied with:
   A.   Foundations of Concrete:  Minimum size of building, twelve feet by sixteen feet; ceilings at least seven feet six inches in clear; outside finish must be of stucco, drop siding,  lap siding, or similar material, and must be painted; roof must be of composition or shingles which must have a pitch of five feet in twelve feet, as minimum pitch; must have good floors, and inside finish may be of lumber, or celotex or other similar material; ten percent of floor space must be the measure of window lighting; wiring for electric lighting or power must conform to and pass the board of fire underwriters' requirements;
   B.   In class A and B districts, rest rooms must be provided and toilets and washrooms must be connected with the city water mains and sewers. In class C districts sanitary toilets must be provided to comply with the rules of the board of health.
(Ord. 192 § 3, 1939).