15.16.060   Improvements not in conformance—Permission required—Conditions. 
   Whenever it is desired to make any additions or improvements to any building within the fire district when such additions or improvements would not be in compliance with the requirements of this chapter relating to fireproofing buildings, written request to make such addition or improvement must be presented to the city council, signed by the owner or agent of the building to which such addition or improvement is to be made, and must state the dimensions of such addition or improvement, the kind of material to be used, and such other information as the council may require.
   Upon receipt of such request, the same shall be referred to the board of adjustment of the city. The board of adjustment shall make a thorough and personal inspection of the proposed addition or improvement, and act on such request according to the rules, regulations and procedures of the board.
   Such request shall be granted only upon the conditions that such addition or improvement will not be unsightly or dangerous to the surrounding buildings; provided further that the rate of fire insurance upon any property in the block where such addition or improvement may be located shall not1be increased by reason of such addition or improvement.
   In no case shall a permit to repair frame buildings be granted where the estimated cost of such improvement or repair will amount to more than fifty percent of the value of the building to be repaired or improved.
(Ord. 329 § 6(part), 1975).