15.16.050   Dangerous building—Repair or removal—Conformance .
   A building or structure or part thereof that may be or at any time hereafter becomes dangerous or unsafe shall, unless made safe and secure, be taken down and removed. Repairing of buildings inside the fire district of the city may be done if the repairing costs less than fifty percent of the latest assessed valuation of the building. If the building or buildings have been damaged by fire,  storm or otherwise after the assessor has valued the building or buildings then this damage must be deducted from the value of the building or buildings in determining the amount of repairs allowed under this chapter. Such building or buildings,  if reconstructing or repairing costs more than fifty percent,  shall be made to conform with respect to materials and type of construction to the requirements for buildings hereafter erected.
(Ord.  329 § 5, 1975).