15.04.060   Permit—Fee to tap city sewer and water lines.
   Every person,  firm or corporation engaged in the business of plumbing, drain laying or running water supply for household or business purposes under this chapter, and every owner in fee of property where such work is to be done,  shall be entitled to a permit upon compliance with the requirements of this chapter; but before doing any work in any building or laying any drains or making any connections with any pipes,  tapping any city sewer or water lines, excepting necessary repairs  (and repairs are defined as consisting of repairing leaks in soil, drain, waste, vent or other pipes and repairs on valves and faucets) shall file with the city clerk a full description of the work in writing upon the proper blank furnished for that purpose and a general statement and description of that kind and character of work to be done, and shall file an application for a permit for such work.
   If such descriptions and statements are found to conform to all provisions of this chapter, the same shall be approved and the permit issued therefor within twentyfour hours after filing such application; and it is unlawful to execute any part of the work until a permit has been obtained authorizing the same to be done.
   If the work to be performed is the tapping of a city water line, the actual tapping of such line shall be done by a city crew who will provide the necessary materials to make such tap and the owner shall provide all other materials and pipe necessary to run the line from the tap to the property.
   If the permit is for the purpose of tapping the city water line a fee of fifty dollars shall be charged.
   If the permit is for the purpose of tapping the city sewer line a fee of fifty dollars shall be charged.
(Ord. 352, 1978: Ord.  323 § 5, 1975).