13.04.070   Request to turn on or turn off water service—Charge.
   Each time the city turns water service on or off during regular city business hours, either at the curb box or by locking the meter, whether at the water user’s request or due to a delinquent account, the water user shall be charged a fee as established by the City Council. In the event overtime is incurred by city employees to turn water service on or off, the water user shall pay the city the required fee together with the actual amount of overtime pay earned by the city’s employee for that function. Failure or refusal to pay these sums shall be grounds for interruption of water service until full payment is received by the city. In no event shall the turn on or turn off fee, or the overtime fees set forth in this section, be charged for emergency situations requiring temporary shut off.
(Ord. 528 §2, 2017: Ord. 502 §§7, 8, 2006: Ord. 410 §7, 1988).