13.04.060   Owner responsible for maintenance and repair of water service line.
   Each property owner shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the water service line from the city main to the property owner’s place of use.  All costs and expenses associated with such repair and maintenance shall be borne solely by the property owner.  In the event the property owner fails to maintain the service line and the curb box and valve and it becomes necessary for the city to shut off the water, necessary repairs or replacement of the curb box and/or valve will be made by the city, or by a licensed contractor hired by the city.  In the event the city cannot gain access to the curb box or valve, the city may elect to shut off the service line at the main and not repair the service line.  In either instance, reasonable written notice will be given the prop-erty owner of the action to be taken by the city.  The cost and expense of any repair or shut off undertaken by the city, or its contractor, including that of time and mate-rial, will be charged to the property owner.  The charge shall be paid before water service is restored.  The city may collect such charge by any means authorized by law.
(Ord. 530 §1, 2017: Ord. 410 §6, 1988).