13.04.020   Water meter--Adequate preplumbing required.
   City water users who require water meters shall preplumb their water systems so that the installation of the meter by the city water department shall require no further plumbing other than the attachment of the water meter to the system, and in a configuration such that the water meter is horizontal or parallel to the floor, and in such a location as to allow an electronic read transmitter to be fitted to the meter.
   City water users shall be responsible for providing a proper environment for the protection of the city water meter to insure that it is not damaged or destroyed by freezing conditions.
   If such water meter is damaged or destroyed because of freezing conditions, due to the negligence of the water user in failing to provide the proper environment,  the cost of replacing or repairing the water meter shall be borne by the water user.
   (The definition of "water meter", for the purpose of this section, does not include the small, pulse, read-out meter normally located on the outside of the building.)   
(Ord.  502 § 2,  2006: Ord. 458 § 1,  1995:  Ord.  410 § 2, 1988).