11.08.030   Bond—Sureties.
   Any applicant for the permit above mentioned, with his application must file with the city clerk a bond in the penal sum of five hundred dollars, payable to the city,  conditioned for the protection of the city from and against any liability of any kind or character whatsoever which may arise as a result of the applicantls excavating in,  cutting through or opening up any such street, avenue, alley or public way,  or which in any manner is connected with or related thereto, and further conditioned that the permittee shall properly refill and restore the surface of any and all such excavations and openings made or dug by him and shall keep and maintain the same in compliance with the requirements of this chapter. Such bond shall have as sureties two or more individuals, good and sufficient,  freeholders in the county, or a surety company licensed and authorized to do business in the state.
(Ord.  265 § 3,  1959).