11.04.050   Repair and replacement.
   Whenever it is found by the public works director that any sidewalk or curb within the city limits is in such a condition of disrepair or broken up so as to constitute a danger or hazard to persons traveling over the same, and he determines that such sidewalk or curb must be replaced or repaired, he shall give notice to the owner of such lots or premises adjoining such sidewalk or curb stating the particular place or places where such sidewalk is to be repaired or replaced.
   If such owner fails to repair or replace such sidewalk or curb within thirty days after receipt of such notice, the city will repair or replace the same and the cost of such repairs will become a lien upon the lots affected, or a suit will be brought against the owner of such lot or lots to collect the cost and costs of suit,  if any, in a court of competent jurisdiction.
(Ord. 373 § 1(part), 1981; Ord. 318 § 5,  1974).