Chapter 10.28
   For statutory provisions prohibiting persons from placing or dropping injurious or hindering articles on the roads, see RCM § 32-21-111; for provisions prohibiting vehicles from crossing fire hoses, see RCM § 32-21-110; for provisions prohibiting persons from clinging to vehicles, see RCM § 32-2187.
10.28.010   Overtaking vehicle—Proceeding in same direction.
10.28.020   Overtaking vehicle—On right.
10.28.030   Driving on right half of street—Exception.
10.28.040   Passing vehicles going in opposite directions.
10.28.050   Overtaking vehicle—On the left.
10.28.060   Driving to left side—Limitations.
10.28.070   Following too closely.
10.28.080   Driving on divided street.
10.28.090   Turning at intersections.
10.28.100   Turning on curve or crest of grade prohibited
10.28.110   Starting parked vehicle.
10.28.120   Turning movements—Required signals.
10.28.130   Signals—Hand, lamp or arm.
10.28.140   Signals—Hand and arm method.
10.28.150   Entering intersection—Right-of-way.
10.28.160   Left turn at intersection—Yielding right-of-way.
10.28.170   Street or stop intersection—Right-of-way.
10.28.180   Approaching street from private road, driveway or public approach ramp.
10.28.190   Approaching yield sign.
10.28.200   Authorized emergency vehicle—Right-of-way.
10.28.210   School buses—Overtaking and passing*
10.28.220   School bus signal lights—Unlawful use.
10.28.230   Limitations on backing.
10.28.240   Obstructing driver's view or control of vehicle.
10.28.250   Coasting prohibited.
10.28.260   Following fire apparatus—Prohibited.
10.28.270   Crossing fire hose.
10.28.280   Riding on fenders or running boards prohibited,
10.28.290   Riding in house trailers—Prohibited.
10.28.300   Vehicle doors—Opening and closing.
10.28.310   Animal-drawn vehicles.
10.28.320   Violation—Penalty.