§ 174.26  Speed limits
   Upon the basis of an engineering and traffic investigation heretofore made as authorized by the provisions of Section 167 and 169 of Article XIX, R.C.S. 6701d, Uniform Act Regulating Traffic on Highways, the following prima facie speed limits hereafter indicated for vehicles are hereby determined and declared to be reasonable and safe; and such speed limits are hereby fixed at the rate of speed indicated for vehicles traveling upon the named streets and highways, or parts thereof, described as follows:
   (a)   From Station 507+35 (north city limits), southerly to Station 526+00, a distance of 0.353 mile at 55 miles per hour.
   (b)   From Station 526+00, southerly to Station 538+00 (approximately 200 feet north of Kentucky Street), a distance of 0.227 mile at 45 miles per hour.
   (c)   From Station 538+00, southerly to Station 558+00 (approximately 300 feet south of the intersection of S.H. 101 and Loop 352), a distance of 0.379 mile at 40 miles per hour.
   (d)   From Station 558+00, southerly to Station 570+00, a distance of 0.227 mile at 45 miles per hour.
   (e)   From Station 570+00, southerly to Station 582+41 (south city limits), a distance of 0.235 mile at 55 miles per hour.
(Ord. 5184-1, passed 5-1-84)
   (f)   From Station 0.00.0 (intersection with FM 1810) southerly 0.250 mile to Station 1320+00 at 45 miles per hour.  (From FM 1810 south 0.250 miles (on FM 2952)). 
(Ord. 7-91-1, passed 7-2-91)
   (g)   From Station 253+10 (west city limit) easterly 0.896 mile to Station 206+00 at 45 miles per hour. From west city limits to railroad tracks.
   (h)   From Station 206+00 easterly 0.590 mile to Station 0.00 (intersection with S.H. 101 at 35 miles per hour).  From railroad tracks to S.H. 101.
(Ord. 7-91-2, passed 7-2-91)
   (i)   From MP 16.292 east 0.884 miles to MP 17.176 at 45 miles per hour.
   (j)   From MP 17.176 east 0.594 miles to MP 17.770 at 35 miles pre hour.
   (k)   School zone MP 16.570 east 0.331 miles to MP 16.901 at “30-MPH when flashing,” “45-MPH all other times.”
   (l)   From MP 10.189 east 0.333 miles to MP 10.522 at 45 miles per hour.
(Ord. 8-2001-2, passed 8-7-01)  Penalty, see § 10.10