§ 174.12  Backfilling requirements
   Any person, firm, or corporation who shall hereafter make any excavation or cut below grade in any public street or highway within the city limits shall, upon the completion of the work for which the excavation or cut has been made, backfill the trench, ditch, cut, or excavation with gravel or other material satisfactory to the city, and shall tamp, roll, or otherwise make a compaction of such backfill, so that it shall not wash or settle more than one-half (½) inch below the original grade of the street or highway.  However, in the case of improved streets or highways, the person, firm, or corporation making the excavation or cut therein shall make the compacted backfill hereinbefore required to at least the grade of the base of the surfacing, and shall thereafter restore or replace the surfacing with material at least equivalent to the original surface.
(Ord. 9-6-83-1, passed 9-6-83)