§ 174.10  Permit required; application
   No person, firm, or corporation shall make any excavation or cut below grade in any public street or highway within the corporate limits of the city, without having first secured a permit therefor from the City Secretary.  Any person, firm, or corporation seeking or desiring to obtain such permit shall make application therefor to the City Secretary, which application shall state the date or dates when the work is intended to be done, the expected length of time that the street or highway shall be obstructed, the nature and purpose of the excavation, and the exact location thereof.  The applicant for such permit shall further be required to present satisfactory evidence of sufficient public liability and property damage insurance coverage to protect persons traveling along and upon the street or highway during the time that the excavation work is in progress.
(Ord. 9-6-83-1, passed 9-6-83)