§ 96.09  Parks Not To Be Used For Profit
   (a)   No agent, servant, or employee of the city having supervision or jurisdiction over any of the various city owned parks may rent or allow the use of any of said parks to any person for the purpose of engaging in an enterprise for a profit.
   (b)   This section shall not apply to local civic, religious, and charitable organizations.  Said organizations shall make application to the City Secretary for the use of any such park, setting forth in said application the name of the organization and its officers, the purpose for which said park is desired to be used, the length of time and a detailed statement showing the use of the revenue derived from the use of said park.  Local civic, religious, and charitable organizations shall be deemed to mean such organizations functioning under the head of a slate of local citizens as officers.  The Mayor is given the authority to require a full showing, by documentary evidence in the application, that any such organization is local in nature and comes under the above classification as said organizations are generally regarded.
Cross reference
   Theft of city services and property, see § 130.20.