§ 96.05  Driving And Parking Of Vehicles
   (a)   A person commits an offense if in any park or recreational area he knowingly:
      (1)   Drives a motor vehicle;
      (2)   Stops, stands, or parks a motor vehicle;
      (3)   Parks a motor vehicle so as to obstruct entrance to or exit from a roadway, parking area, or trail established for public motor vehicle use; or
      (4)   Fails to park the entire motor vehicle within the limit lines of a designated parking stall, where such lines have been provided.
   (b)   It is a defense to prosecution under subsection (a) that the driving, stopping, standing, or parking:
      (1)   Was along a roadway, trail, or parking area established for public motor vehicle use;
      (2)   Was due to temporary mechanical failure of the vehicle;
      (3)   Was ordered by a police or park officer or a person charged with supervision of a park or recreation area within the city; or
      (4)   Was performed by an employee of the city while in the course of his official duties.