1.   For statutory provisions on tampering with fire alarm systems, see Penal Code § 148.4; for statutory provisions on stopping or parking near hydrants, see Vehicle Code §22514; for provisions on removal of vehicles preventing access to hydrants, see Vehicle Code §22651; approach of vehicles to fires and fire engines, see Ch. 10.12; for access to fire hydrants during street excavation, see Ch. 14.08.
   2.   For statutory provisions on littering, see Penal Code §§374, 374b and 374e; weed and rubbish abatement, see Ch. 8.20.
   3.   For statutory definition of “hide,” see Food & Agricultural Code §20009; for provisions on inspection of hides, see Food & Agricultural Code §21451 et seq.; for provisions on inspections and seizures, see Food & Agricultural Code §23041 et seq.
   4.   Damage to property by moving buildings, see Ch. 14.36; report of damage to publicly owned or public utility property, see Ch. 10.12.
   5.   For statutory provisions on placing advertising material on public and private property, see Penal Code §§556 - 556.3.
   6.   For statutory provisions as to juvenile court see Welfare & Institutions Code §§500-257.
   Prior history: Prior code §§14.1, 14.3, 14.7; Ords. 224, 511 and 557.