18R.12.020   Standard plans.
   The following plans, copies of which are incorporated into this section, are hereby adopted as the Standard Plans of the City of Chico:
Note: These plans are available in PDF by clicking on the Plan No.
   Plan No.      Title
   S-1      P.C.C. Sidewalk Details
   S-2      P.C.C. Curb and Gutter
   S-2A      Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk Installation at Trees
   S-3      Existing Curb and/or Gutter Replacement Details
   S-4      Deleted
   S-5      Residential Driveway Approach
   S-5A      Commercial Driveway Approach
   S-5B      Curb, Gutter & Driveway Details
   S-5C      Curbed Driveway Entrance
   S-6      Storm Drain Headwall
   S-7      36" Drop Inlet (Caltrans “G-O”) & Grate Detail (Sht. 1 & 2)
   S-7A      Flat Grate Inlet (Caltrans “G-I”)
   S-8      Deleted
   S-9      Deleted
   S-10      Storm Drain and Sanitary Sewer Manhole
   S-11      Drop Manhole
   S-12      Approved Methods of Laying Pipe
   S-12A      Pipe Crossing Cradle
   S-12M      Modified Concrete Cradle
   S-13      Typical Method for Setting Appurtenances
   S-14      Bolt Down Manhole Frame & Cover Details
   S-14A      (Repealed)
   S-15      Flushing Hole - Cast Iron Frame and Cover
   S-16      Street Name Sign Details
   S-17      Typical Details of Pavement Replacement
   S-18A      Typical Cross-Section - Streets (2 plans)
   S-18B      Typical Cul-De-Sac
   S-18D      Improvement of Existing Street (2 plans)
   S-18E      Typical Cross-Section - Other Public Ways
   S-18F      Typical Cross-Section - Private Streets
   S-19      Alley Pavement
   S-20      City Monuments, Construction & Location
   S-21      Street Barricades
   S-26      Flat Grate Inlet
   S-27      P.C.C. Handicapped Ramp
   S-27A      P.C.C. Handicapped Ramp
   S-28      Bus Turnout
   S-35      Bicycle Barrier Post
   SL-1      Street Lights (11 plans)
   LS-1      Fifteen Gallon Tree Planting Detail (2 plans)
   LS-2      Fifteen Gallon Tree Planting Detail with Stamped Concrete
   LS-3      Containerized Shrub Planting Detail
   LS-4      Ground Cover Planting Detail
   LS-5      Header Detail (2 plans)
   LS-6      Deleted
   LS-7      Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer
   LS-8      Remote Control Valve (2 plans)
   LS-9      Remote Control Valve in Paving (Non Vehicular)
   LS-10      Quick Coupling Valve
   LS-11      Tru-Union Ball Valve
   LS-12      Controller Enclosure with Fan
   LS-13      Controller Service Pull Box
   LS-14      Trenching Detail (3 plans)
   LS-15      Typical Thrust Block Details for Ring-Tite and Solvent Weld Pipe
   LS-16      Impact Riser with Swing Joint
   LS-17      Sprinkler/Bubbler Pop-Up
   LS-18      Turf Impact Rotor with Swing Joint
   LS-19      Subterranean Drip Spacing
   LS-20      Subterranean Dripline Layout
   LS-21      Dripline Flushing Valve
   LS-22      Air/Vacuum Relief Valve
   LS-23      Dripline Layout for Trees
   LS-24      Sight Distance Clearance at Non-Signalized Intersections
   LS-25      Tree and Pavement Layout in Median Island
   LS-26      Stamped Concrete Bullnose and Mow Band
   LS-27      Metered Electrical Service Enclosure (2 plans)
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