5-10-080  Exercise or assignment of rights.
   A tenant association may exercise the rights established under this chapter in conjunction with a third party or by assigning those rights to any party, whether private or governmental. Such an exercise or assignment may occur at any time in the process provided in this chapter and may be structured in any way the tenant association, in the tenant association's sole discretion, finds acceptable. The tenant association shall give the owner written notice of such third party or assignee within ten (10) business days of entering into a written agreement. Any rights conferred upon tenant associations under this chapter shall extend to any such third parties or assignees, and, upon receipt of notice of such third parties or assignees under this Section 5-10-080, owners shall treat such third parties or assignees in the same manner as tenant associations under this chapter.
(Added Coun. J. 9-9-20, p. 20074, § 10)