15-4-810  Certification requirements.
   Any person who desires to act as a desk clerk shall make application for a certificate to the fire commissioner. To receive such certificate the applicant must:
   (a)   Be of legal age, temperate habits and good moral character;
   (b)   Be able to speak and understand the English language;
   (c)   Produce evidence of his employment or occupation and residence for the previous two years;
   (d)   Pass an examination conducted by the fire commissioner upon the laws and ordinances governing fire protection, the operation of emergency first aid equipment, and upon the hazards and duties incident to the supervision of the safety of persons to be accommodated as provided in Section 15-4-780 hereof;
   (e)   Not have had any such certificate revoked;
   (f)   Furnish with the application for such certificate two unmounted photographs of the applicant, not less than two inches by three inches, one of which shall be attached to the application, the other to the certificate when issued.
(Prior code § 90-79; Amend Coun. J. 5-18-16, p. 24131, § 104)