15-4-780  Where required.
   It shall be the duty of any person, firm or corporation who conducts, engages in, maintains, operates, carries on or manages a business or occupation where any public sleeping accommodations are furnished or maintained for 20 or more persons for a period of one day or more, including accommodations in single-room occupancy buildings, to retain and keep at his or their own expense at least one adult who has received a certificate of fitness as hereinafter provided as a desk clerk. Such desk clerk shall be kept on duty continuously during such times as the premises shall be open to or occupied by the public. Any employee at the premises meeting the qualifications set forth in Section 15-4-810 may file an application for certification as a desk clerk. In lieu of providing a desk clerk as required by this section, an Underwriters Laboratories listed central station supervisory service may be connected to the building fire alarm system. When such a service is used, the fire commissioner shall be furnished with a current certificate of contract for the central station supervisory service, and shall be notified within 24 hours of discontinuance of the service.
(Prior code § 90-76; Amend Coun. J. 5-4-94, p. 49750; Amend Coun. J. 5-18-16, p. 24131, § 101)