15-4-620  Scenery or decorations in other occupancies.
   Excepting the aforesaid provisions for scenery and decorations on the stages of schools and stages regulated by Section 14B-4-410, all decorations and scenery in every Group A, E, I or M occupancy shall conform to the following requirements:
   1.   Before being used, all scenery and decorations shall have been so treated with a flame-retardant solution and continuously maintained in such condition as to pass the test for scenery and decorations given in Section 15-4-600 of this Code;
   2.   No scenery and decorations shall be so hung or applied as to conceal any means of exit nor to reduce the width of any exit nor to give the appearance of an exit where none exists;
   3.   Not more than five percent of the wall area of any auditorium or room in any of the buildings mentioned in this section shall be covered by scenery and decorations;
   4.   No one article of scenery and decoration shall cover more than three percent of said wall area.
(Prior code § 90-60; Amend Coun. J. 10-7-20, p. 21791, Art. VI, § 7)