15-4-580  Definitions.
   The provisions of Sections 15-4-580 to 15-4-630 both inclusive, shall apply to pre-ordinance buildings, existing building and buildings hereafter constructed.
   The words “scenery and decorations” are hereby defined as any stage materials, paraphernalia, scenery, decorations, drapes, curtains or similar material used for decorative effect or stage settings.
   Any material used as scenery and decorations which will neither support combustion nor carry a flame when subjected to a temperature of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit shall not be classed as scenery and decorations and shall not be governed by the following regulations pertaining to scenery and decorations. Such materials shall include scenery and decorations made entirely of metal or asbestos or 100 percent spun glass fibers or metal and asbestos with all attachments, supports and framing of metal.
(Prior code §  90-56)