15-4-390  Submission of samples.
   No license shall be granted to any person engaged in the use or sale of dynamite or other explosive until such dealer, contractor or other person heretofore referred to, shall first submit to the chemist for analysis a sample of such dynamite or any other explosive sought to be used or sold, and whenever such chemist shall certify that such sample is of standard purity and quality, a license shall be issued, if all other requirements heretofore prescribed are complied with.
   It shall be the duty of the inspector from time to time to bring a sample of dynamite or other explosives sold or used by licensees, and to submit such sample to the chemist, who shall analyze and test same, and if it shall be found that such sample is not of standard purity and quality, the license of such licensee shall be revoked by the mayor.
(Prior code §  90-37)