15-4-300  General requirements.
   No person shall engage in blasting operations or in any other activity using explosives, or shall have, keep, sell, use, give away, or handle in transit any black powder in excess of five pounds, guncotton, blasting powder, giant powder, dynamite, nitroglycerine, fulminate of mercury or any other explosives, or any substances, compound, mixture or article having properties of such a character that alone, or in combination or contiguity with other substances or compounds, may decompose suddenly and generate sufficient heat, gas or pressure, or all of them, to produce rapid flaming combustion or administer a destructive blow to persons or property; nor shall any person keep, sell, give away, offer for sale or transport, any loaded paper shells, metallic shot, loaded cartridges, blank cartridges, percussion caps, primers, or detonators, nor keep or store flashlight powder in excess of five pounds within the corporate limits of the city or on or in the waters of Lake Michigan, including all breakwaters, piers and permanent and temporary structures therein for a distance of four miles from the shore between the north and south lines of the city extended except in the manner and upon the conditions hereinafter provided in Chapter 15-20 and without first obtaining a license therefor.
(Prior code §  90-28)