9-124-400  Scope of regulations.
   Nothing herein contained and no act of any person by reason of the provisions of this part of this chapter dealing with other railroads shall be held or be construed to be in the nature of a contract between the city and any person owning, controlling or operating any railroad. Nor shall any provision of this part of this chapter be construed to release any person from any obligation now existing or which may hereafter be imposed by the city to construct or build viaducts, to raise or lower their tracks, to construct subways or to abolish grade crossings at any or all streets within said city when ordered so to do by the city council. Nothing herein shall be construed to create any obligation upon the part of any railroad company to construct any viaduct, or to create any new liability against any railroad, except as provided by the terms of this part of this chapter. Nothing in this part of this chapter contained shall commit the city to any permanent plan or system for the operation of railroad cars, engines or trains, or the protection of the public on streets or at street crossings, or the regulation and control and supervision of railroad track. The city hereby reserves the right to alter, amend, or repeal any provisions herein contained.
(Prior code § 188-43)