9-124-310  Schedule of operation.
   Every person owning any tracks over which any elevated railroad trains are operated, or operating any elevated railroad trains, shall control the operation of said trains by means of a written schedule for each separate line. Said schedule or schedules shall be prepared to provide a sufficient number of trains in order to comply with the provisions of this Code. One true copy of each schedule, showing the number of trains operated thereby, and the train numbers, and the schedule time of arriving at and departing from one terminal, and the running time between designated time points, shall be filed with the city clerk.
   In case a revision or rearrangement of any schedule is made, one true copy of the new schedule shall be filed with the city clerk not less than three days before such new schedule shall be put into effect.
   Each train operated shall bear a suitable run number sign, indicating the position of said train on its schedule and identifying its schedule movements, and each train operated in addition to the schedule cars as an “extra” car shall carry a suitable train number sign bearing the letter “X”.
   Each train (extra trains excepted) shall be dispatched and operated in accordance with the schedule on file with the city clerk.
   Each day that any violation of this section shall continue shall be considered a separate and distinct offense.
(Prior code § 188-34)