7-12-115  Rabies and distemper vaccinations; spay/neuter clinics.
   (a)   The Department and the Executive Director may establish and maintain one or more clinics for the administration of rabies and distemper vaccinations to, the sterilization of, and the implantation of microchips in cats and dogs owned by city residents.
   (b)   Persons who submit a dog or cat for any of the services specified in this section shall complete an application form promulgated by the Executive Director. The application shall include a consent form certifying that the applicant is the owner of the animal or is otherwise authorized to present the animal for the service. The consent form shall contain a waiver of liability of the city, the Department and the Executive Director, and any of their agents or employees, for any injury or death of an animal resulting from the services provided under this section, or other services provided incidental thereto.
   (c)   The Department shall impose and collect the following fees for the services specified:
      (1)   Sterilization surgery.....$25.00
      (2)   Rabies vaccination.....$15.00
      (3)   Microchip implantation.....$15.00
      (4)   Distemper vaccination.....$7.00
   The fees shall be in addition to any applicable license fee.
   The Department may, no more than five days per month, waive the sterilization surgery fee for residents in those areas having the highest stray populations. Residents are eligible for the fee waiver only if they present proof of residence within the designated area. The Department shall annually promulgate rules setting forth the areas with the highest stray populations.
   In addition, the Department may establish, impose and collect a reasonable boarding fee upon an applicant who fails to pick up the animal at the time specified by clinic personnel.
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