7-12-052  Dangerous animals – Miscellaneous.
   (a)   Every owner of a dangerous animal shall allow inspection of the enclosure described in Section 7-12-050 by the Executive Director or his designee.
   (b)   All dangerous animals as defined in this chapter are hereby declared to be a public nuisance; provided that they are lawful if maintained in strict compliance with the requirements set out in Section 7-12-050(c).
   (c)   [Reserved.]
   (d)   When an animal has caused severe injury or death to any person, but it is not found to be a dangerous animal on the grounds that the attack was provoked, the Executive Director shall advise the owner to comply with the safety measures set forth in Section 7-12-050(c) in order to protect the public health, safety and welfare.
   (e)   In addition to any other license required under this chapter, the owner of any animal declared dangerous shall obtain a dangerous animal license within 10 days of the declaration that the animal is a dangerous animal; except that this provision shall not apply to the owner of any guard dog service that is licensed under Chapter 4-384 of this code. The owner shall pay an annual license fee of $100 for the privilege of owning the dangerous animal. The application for the license shall be made to the Executive Director.
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