5-13-090  Moving supplies, reimbursement, accessibility.
   (a)   The Responsible Party shall provide an Affected Tenant with moving supplies, including, but not limited to, boxes, tape, insulation, and scissors. The Responsible Party shall retain records of the moving assistance it provides Affected Tenants, including any offer of referral services to help Affected Tenants with packing and unpacking, and any Affected Tenant waiver of this offer of assistance.
   (b)   As the result of a Mandatory Internal Transfer or Temporary Displacement, the Responsible Party shall directly payor reimburse each Affected Tenant for the costs of packing and transporting, including insurance as applicable, of that Affected Tenant’s belongings, and the cost of any utilities, cable, internet, and other services incurred, within 30 days of the completed move. If 30 days is not feasible, the Responsible Party shall notify the Affected Tenant in writing, stating the date upon which reimbursement will be paid, and shall provide reimbursement within a reasonable timeframe. The amount of the reimbursement shall be identical to and in accordance with the schedules set forth in the URA and 77 Fed. Reg. 30586.
   (c)   Unless an Affected Tenant whose Subsidized Dwelling Unit has Assistive Devices affirmatively declines, the Responsible Party shall provide those same Assistive Devices in a unit that the Affected Tenant will occupy, prior to occupancy, as a result of a Mandatory Internal Transfer or Temporary Displacement.
(Added Coun. J. 1-23-19, p. 94266, § 1)