5-13-060  Relocation coordination.
   (a)   The Responsible Party shall have as its representative a relocation coordinator for each Covered Building who shall be available to answer relocation-related questions and concerns of Affected Tenants.
   (b)   The relocation coordinator shall have regular, posted office hours at the Building. If there is no space within the Building to hold a relocation coordinator office, the Responsible Party shall have a relocation coordinator office near the Building and shall provide the Affected Tenants with the address. The relocation coordinator office address  shall be listed on all notices.
   (c)   The relocation coordinator shall hold regular meetings between the construction team, relocation team, management, and, if one exists, the Tenant Association at the Building. These meetings shall be held weekly during the construction phase of the project.
(Added Coun. J. 1-23-19, p. 94266, § 1)