5-13-050  Notice to affected tenants.
   (a)   After Departmental approval of a relocation assessment checklist and a relocation plan, and at least 120 days prior to the initiation of any relocation activities, a Responsible Party shall:
      (1)   Post notices.
         (A)   Prominently in easily accessible common areas of a Covered Building.
         (B)   Concerning the renovation and rehabilitation of that Building and including a summary of the general relocation plan.
         (C)   On a regular basis with such information to keep Affected Tenants aware of the relocation process.
         (D)   Which note the date, time, and location of group meetings concerning the relocation.
         (E)   Which give instructions for viewing a copy of the general relocation plan, whether online or prominently displayed and available for Tenant viewing in a convenient location in the concerned Covered Building.
      (2)   Hold at least one group meeting open to all Tenants of a Covered Building.
   (b)   At least 90 days prior to a relocation of Affected Tenants, a Responsible Party shall notify Affected Tenants of their Mandatory Internal Transfer or Temporary Displacement, including their anticipated moving date, anticipated transfer site, and any other information required by federal, state, or local law.
   (c)   Between 30 and 40 days prior to the scheduled relocation of Affected Tenants, a Responsible Party shall, as either independent or combined notices:
      (1)   Give Affected Tenants a 30-day reminder notice with the exact moving date, and
      (2)   Notify Affected Tenants that they may schedule a walk-through of the new housing unit with the Responsible Party prior to their scheduled relocation date.
   (d)   A Responsible Party shall notify each Affected Tenant of any changes in that Affected Tenant’s relocation date. Such notice shall be provided to each Affected Tenant at least seven days prior to the scheduled relocation date.
(Added Coun. J. 1-23-19, p. 94266, § 1)