93-1   Regulation of structures, appurtenances and environmental settings
   93-2   Purpose
   93-3   Definitions
   93-4   Historic District established; section boundaries designated
   93-5   Historic District Commission; designation of State Historical Trust
   93-6   Purchase of architectural easements; effect of purchase
   93-7   Activities requiring permission; application and contents
   93-8   Design guidelines; criteria for Commission review
   93-9   Demolition by neglect
   93-10   Factors considered when reviewing plans
   93-11   Consideration of exterior features only
   93-12   Judgment of plans; limitations on architectural style
   93-13   Preservation of structures of unusual importance; time limit for negotiations for preservation; application renewal upon rejection
   93-14   Approval of applications for reconstruction, alteration or demolition despite architectural value
   93-15   Meetings; records open to public inspection
   93-16   Certificates of approval, modification or rejection; filing; automatic approval
   93-17   Work unaffected by chapter provisions
   93-18   Remedies
   93-19   Right of appeal
   93-20   Enforcement provisions; violations; penalties